John Polidora

Giclee Print - 8.5x11" Adventure Time in Hell

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8.5x11" giclée flat print signed by the artist. 100% acid and lignin free, archival quality. Limited to 5 prints only.


"I chose to mashup Adventure Time with one of my favorite SciFi/Fantasy properties -- Hellboy. I also chose to mashup a total of 15 different Adventure Time characters with counterparts from the Hellboy universe, pulling from both the movies as well as the comics."

Here's a list of the mashups!

Lord Monochromicorn - The Conqueror Worm
The Ice King - Rasputin
Tree Trunks - Angel of Death
Lord of Evil - King Balor
Princess Bubblegum - Liz Sherman
Marceline - Princess Nuala
Marshall - Prince Nuada
Lumpy Space Princess - Johann Kraus
Gunter - Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
BMO - Roger
Young Billy - Bethmoora
Princess Rainicorn - Ogdru Jahad
Cinnamon Bun - Golden Army Soldier
Jake - Abe Sapien
Finn - Hellboy