Katia Bourykina

Large Framed Art - 14x11" Alice

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"Alice" -  14x11" framed. One of a kind premium sized giclée, framed and signed. Printed on Epson Ultra Premium matte paper using archival HD inks.

Artist description:

Alice is a part of the "Adventures of Alice and Bun Bun the White" personal project
of mine. This is the standalone version of her that I animated to test out Sketchfab's
animation features.

Alice is 4,543 tris and her map is 1024x1024
The background assets are 472 tris and 3 maps of 512x512.

She's diffuse only and shots are from Marmoset 2.

Animated 3d view can be found on:https://sketchfab.com/ybourykina

Gallery pickup recommended!