Damarcus Holbrook

Large Framed Art - 17x22" Tortoise Concept Explorations I

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Framed giclée print of "Tortoise Concept Explorations I" digital painting, 17x22" signed by Damarcus Holbrook.  One of a kind gallery edition print!

Artist description:

Based on the 38 Studios’  Big MMO game, ‘Copernicus'.  One of our major goals was a big feature that we called "MOB's' as terrain”.  This was very close to my heart, something that I dreamed being a part of!  In the World of Copernicus, there were many of these massive  titans roaming different corners of the world,  This painting represents a city deep in a swamp bog that wold simply vanish out of existence over time. If players stuck around, they'd see why the city would come and go! 

Gallery pickup recommended!