Ara Kermanikian

Large Framed Art - 18x24" Gargoyle v3

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"Gargoyle v3" - 18x24" framed. One of a kind premium sized giclée, framed and signed. Printed on Epson Premium Luster semi-gloss paper using archival HD inks.

Artist description: 

The third version of the Gargoyle was built for the Navy. These units are used to defend offshore ops. The Gargoyle project was to create single pilot mech used for defense and assault operations. It was made in 3 versions. The V3 was extremely popular because 2 of them were used to defend a discovery and rescue team at a crash site from waves of attack ships and mechs. Some say the beaches of Trivago still echo the thundering sounds of the 2 sets of 4 guns fired by the 2 skilled pilots over the course of the operation. This battle was the defining moment of the Gargoyle.

This image was features in the book “Nuthin’ but Mech 3” from Design Studio Press

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