Geoffrey Ernault

Large Framed Art - 16x12" The Fall, Kerbal Space Program

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"The Fall" -  16x12" framed. One of a kind premium sized giclée, framed and signed. Printed on Epson Cold Press Natural matte paper using archival HD inks.

Artist description:

The design of this was first made in Kerbal Space Program, then I decided to try and replicate it in 3D. After that, I brought it to Keyshot and finally painted on top of it in Photoshop. I wanted to have fun with those different software and game, to see what result I would get from it. This tells the story of a ship carrying a nuclear core, that is about to enter the atmosphere and explode. Because of the danger or this, jets are sent to shoot down the ship before it arrives too close to a city.  

Gallery pickup recommended!