Ara Kermanikian

Large Framed Art - 24x36" Cecil the Lion

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"Cecil the Lion" -  24x36" framed. One of a kind premium sized giclée, framed and signed. Printed on Epson Premium Luster semi-gloss paper using archival HD inks.

Artist description: 

Third place winner at the ZBrush Summit 2015 Sculpt off. Modeled and sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in KeyShot. The entire time for the contest was 3 hours. The concept was that as hunters are ruthlessly murdering these magnificent creatures as recently manifested by the killing of Cecil the lion by Walter Palmer, the world would get together and create lion mechs to monitor and defend our endangered species and report on hunters and poachers before they can further damage our planet and the precious animal life on it. The first of these lion mechs would be names Cecil after the well known and loved lion.

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