Geoffrey Ernault

Large Framed Art - 36x24" The Adventures of Marvin & George: Escape from the Forest of Lyess

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"The Adventures of Marvin & George: Escape from the Forest of Lyess" -  36x24" framed. One of a kind premium sized giclée, framed and signed. Printed on Epson Cold Press Natural matte paper using archival HD inks.

Artist description:

Marvin and George are an ongoing series of paintings I was doing about a year ago, where I started putting an outlined character, "Marvin", next to prop designs I was working on at the time.

For this one, I was trying to ground Marvin in a full environment and give him a friend, George. I wanted to portray them walking on giant
branches, exploring and looking for an adventure. 

I tried to keep the color variations minimalistic, only using browns, blues and greens. The idea was also that even if the forest seems inviting and warm, it is still home to dangerous tree monsters and poisonous mushrooms.

That one has a few hidden things as well, including a snail, a frog, and a squirrel. 

Gallery pickup recommended!